What’s Included

From market-leading POS software that includes direct 3rd party integrations and preorder management to a branded website with customizable guest notifications, Upserve’s online ordering system is built to please you and your guests.

Upserve online ordering bundle showing a text message on a mobile device and POS software on a tablet with a computer showing and online ordering restaurant website

iPad with Upserve POS software's online ordering management center showing which services are enabled

Single Hub for all Online Orders

Easily manage all of your online ordering orders from Upserve, Grubhub, Seamless, and more in one place with Upserve’s Order Management Module.

Analytics to Make Smart Decisions Faster

Our system connects the dots between your point of sale, payments, inventory, and more. Take your restaurant’s data and transform it into easily digestible reports, giving you insights into sales, your menu, server performance, labor cost, loyalty, guestbook, and more.

Upserve Inventory dashboard showing restaurant inventory levels through software

Upserve Pointof Sale terminal and Tableside handheld POS Device

Market-leading POS Software

Upserve restaurant-grade POS is available on our Android, iOS, and contactless Mobile Tableside devices. Our software can also easily be downloaded on your own Android, iPhone, or iPad to take orders, payments, and manage online orders.

Preorder Management

Allow customers to place orders up to six weeks in advance so you earn revenue even when your restaurant is closed. All orders are managed in a single place providing you the visibility to manage inventory and labor more effectively.

Upserve HQ showing a list of preorders for a restaurant from online ordering

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